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MEXC Exchange Special Fund Act Travel Rule Issue Summary

MEXC Exchange mexcnote.com As mentioned earlier, the MEXC exchange is listed on Bithumb’s whitelist, so coin transfer is free. In the near future, assets will also be able to be transferred to Upbit and Coinone. It is also an exchange specialized in bitcoin futures and margin transactions as well as spot transactions. It has the advantage of enabling cryptocurrency investors to invest in their tastes and investment propensity because it is possible to invest indefinitely with leverage ETF as well as investment in index products.

Trends that have no choice but to brighten the outlook for cryptocurrency Bitcoin

The view of cryptocurrency in the financial sector is changing positively. Institutional investors such as hedge funds have begun to see cryptocurrency as one of the alternative assets. 바이빗 They prefer Bitcoin to gold as an asset portfolio investment target. As the institutional financial sector recognizes Bitcoin’s asset value, hedge fund giants such as James Simmons are entering the virtual currency market one after another.